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A Personalized Taste Adventure
In the heart of Yerevan’s nightlife scene lies a hidden sanctuary, Senserium. BANDEREGO Bar’s exclusive room takes the art of mixology to new heights, crafting cocktails that mirror your personality. Step into an experience that’s as unique as you are.

  1. Unveiling Senserium: A Personalized Cocktail Experience
    Step into Senserium, an exclusive room within BANDEREGO cocktail bar that goes beyond the ordinary. Here, your personality becomes the key ingredient in crafting a cocktail that’s uniquely you.
  2. The Bartender as Game Master: A Playful Interaction
    In Senserium, bartenders are game masters. Engage in playful interactions and answer intriguing questions that reveal your personality traits, preferences, and quirks.
  3. Crafting Liquid Expressions: Cocktails Aligned with You
    Once the games are played, the bartender becomes an artist. Using their expertise, they create a cocktail that’s an expression of your personality – a drink that resonates with your senses and tastes.
  4. Sip Your Essence: A Journey of Emotions
    As you sip your personalized cocktail, you’re tasting more than just flavors. Each sip is an emotional journey that connects you to your unique essence, translating into a blend of tastes that feel like an extension of yourself.

In a world where experiences are cherished, Senserium stands as a testament to BANDEREGO bar’s innovation. Elevate your musical journey night and let Senserium transform your taste adventure into an unforgettable connection between you, your personality, and your crafted cocktail. Discover the magic at Senserium, where cocktails embrace who you truly are.